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    I wanted to compile articles that relates to this new partnership announcement and provide a go-to place for our reference. Oh, and so Gilbert can chuckle to himself as we speculate :whistle:

    Announcement on Quant’s blog

    Who is INTEROPen? Here’s their Member’s List.

    Now let’s turn to Gilbert’s statement on 7/10/18 in the main telegram. Here’s a snippet of particular interest:

    “We have been extremely busy working with customers, government and have achieved quite a lot in the last month.
    To give you an example, this is my calendar this last couple of weeks with client meetings in the US, Australia and UK over a 2 week period:
    -Monday – Department of Health
    -Tuesday (today) – a US Bank this morning and a Central bank this afternoon
    -Wednesday – Global bank followed by a Global financial services company
    -Tuesday (next week) – a UK Bank.

    In between these meetings the team have spoken to an Insurance company, Pharmaceuticals (Abbott, Pfizer), FS Markets and Infrastructure companies, Department of Homeland Security etc. We’re also exploring other use cases in Smart Grids, Controlled Drug visibility, Analytics, etc.

    We’re meeting and in discussions with companies like DXC, Tata Consulting Group, Cognizant and PwC to also take our technology to their customers. We’ve launched Quant Sentry and Quant Health to focus on those verticals.

    So, let’s explore what INTEROPen/Pfizer/DXC/Abbott are all up to in the healthcare space. I’ll post a series of articles below:

    Under Pressure to Tighten Supply Chain, Drug Companies Look to Blockchain
    (Mentions MediLedger, Pfizer, smart contracts, health care supply train, pharmaceuticals tracking)

    Pfizer Is Latest Multinational Giant To Explore Blockchain
    (Pfizer announces a partnership here with Aimedis, a crypto startup. Currently they are in the pre-sale phase of their ICO.) If Pfizer is announcing partnerships with crypto startups that haven’t even distributed tokens yet, anything is possible and I’m anxious to learn more about these discussions with Pfizer.

    Tech giants make interoperability pledge for US health data (Mentions DXC Open Health Connect, INTEROPen, HL7 and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.

    Now, remember this exchange between Gilbert and sean(?) in the Main telegram?
    Sean: Can Quant network connect health care legacy systems together
    Gilbert:Yes. Big use case to interconnect existing Health systems plus add a layer of extra security and tokenisation so no data is transmitted in clear text
    Gilbert:We’ve started with HL7 FIHR first


    I’ll be adding more to this list as time permits. Feel free to share other articles and links that are relevant.

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    Imagine when these names start getting dropped :good: :yahoo:


    Very interesting :yahoo:

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