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    Hey guys,

    Not very tech savvy so looking for some input from you guys more experienced in network architecture and blockchains themselves.

    Gilbert recently gave us a little tease :

    “We have that approach being worked out for the Overledger gateways, to incentivise people to host Overledger gateways and be rewarded for the volume that goes through it. It’s our approach to decentralise Overledger to be multi-cloud first, then multi-blockchain in a phased way.”

    This is obviously very interesting and exciting at the same time, but I have a lot of questions maybe you guys could help with? First of all, this seems very similar to a masternode approach. Therefore, Quant must be running on its own chain to operate this? Perhaps we see a token swap down the line (this would be great to fix that misleading supply on Etherscan now that I’m thinking about it haha) – I would be very interested in seeing that chain they worked on in Quant labs being implemented here.

    My next question – the rewards for hosting these nodes, obviously Quant has no inflationary token aspects, so do these rewards come from network fees passing through the system? If so, will this be built into the fee structure for the client or do you think Quant themselves will front the network operating costs?

    Really just looking to create a nice healthy discussion on this topic guys, take everything I say with a pinch of salt – I really don’t know much about the intricacies of the tech haha!

    Thank you :good: B-)

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