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    Hey guys,

    I get very excited thinking of potential Mapp ideas that could create a meaningful impact not only in the Crypto space but broader markets/industries. Thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going where we could all brainstorm ideas and build on some interesting concepts. I’ll start us off!

    Now before we jump in, please note I am not very technical at all – this idea is more of a – “Is this actually possible?” . So don’t jump to cut my throat if it is literally technically impossible!

    I think a relevant issue for mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrency is the technical hurdles – such as sending and receiving and the errors involved with complex addresses. Perhaps Overledger could create a Mapp that acts as an intermediary/universal wallet? – Hear me out.

    Lets say they develop a seamless and smooth phone app that represents your “Crypto wallet”. If Quant decided further down the line that they want to implement their own chain, this will be even more efficient. Your app will have a single address / QR Code. This address will allow you to send any funds to it – with Overledger doing some magic behind the scenes (an atomic swap sort of move) and filter the funds to their correct addresses.

    Now is this Universal wallet dream dead in the water from the start? As I said, I am not tech savvy, I understand it is not as easy to just “send” BTC/ETH to a single address and have it be confirmed and work within the same chain. So I ask you developers out there, is it possible for Quant to filter different chain values and swap them for each other, making the Universal wallet have a one stop address for receiving?

    Of course, the UI will be smooth and gorgeous – with a drop down section of your funds split. But is this concept possible guys! Let me know!

    Lots of newbies have accidentally mistyped their address or sent the wrong funds to a certain wallet, can Overledger save the,!?

    Looking forward to a discussion here, again, don’t shoot me if this is a totally impossible idea!

    Love you !



    What I personally would use: An application that makes it easy to hash files – let’s say a document (pdf, scan, screenshot etc.), to later have proof that…

    1) it at least existed since the hash was sent into the Blockchain, and
    2) nothing was altered.

    That’s probably one of the most obvious use-cases for Blockchain and trivial for techies, but at the same time I believe there would be high demand, also for private/not professional users.

    In best case such an application would also help to organize files.

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    The Crypto space is currently in desperate need of a true Decentralised Exchange that runs efficiently and provides sufficient liquidity / security measures.

    I believe the Overledger system is best positioned to make this a reality, with the ability to pool orders from other Dex’s creating one large order book. The architecture could even go as far as to create a back end “atomic swap” like structure – allowing the Overledger system to bridge multiple chains, eliminating the sole reliance on the Ethereum Dexs.

    Again, my technical ability is limited, but I think this will be one of the greatest uses in the “Crypto Sphere”.

    Interested to see anybody else’s opinion on this.

    Also just a note – the team has talked about this before and I believe they are filing for a license (money transmitting etc) to make this become a reality.

    “Yes that has been on our radar from the very benginning to create a a true Decentralised Exchange on top of Overledger. It needs the right regulatory licenses and approval. Something possibly we can do ourselves in the future.”

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